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“Virginia is one hard worker and it shows in her projects, turnaround times, and willingness to step up to any challenge. We used her to design an intern ad for our social media campaign. The whole thing was explained remotely and the results were fantastic. She’s part mind reader and two parts great listener. 

AND her work attracted many interested candidates & resulted in one awesome intern!”

— Michelle M., Sourced Collective

“Virginia and Shawn were awesome. We were looking for someone to redo our chalk board menu and they gave it life that it never had. Our customers keep commenting on how much they love the board. Virginia and Shawn were professional from start to finish. Kept all their deadlines and were so easy and enjoyable to work with. For the scope of work they did, I think we got a great deal. In my line of business I’ve worked with so many people where things always seem to go wrong. This is one of the few times where everything went perfect and without a Hitch. Thanks Virginia and Shawn! 

Highly recommended by me and Dirt Dog.”

— Timothy C., Owner, Dirt Dog, Los Angeles CA

“Virginia is not only amazingly talented, she really does her homework before crafting a design. She created the identity for my husband’s small business and worked closely with us to put our personality into the design. It couldn’t have turned out better and we were so pleased with the whole process, from beginning to end.

We’re planning on working with Virginia in the future to design our website, and I’m sure we’ll receive just as many compliments on it as we do on the logo, business cards and other marketing materials. Thanks Virginia!”

— Tammie H., Orange Pool Care

“Virginia has an eye for design. She works quickly and I’m always looking forward to the next design she sends me. She’s professional and takes good notes. We have monthly meetings and she’s always prepared to give me a breakdown of tasks we’ll be implementing in the coming months. She has lots of good ideas- especially on how to market my business. She is in charge of my social media websites and I find myself wanting to “like” or comment, but I know that would look lame to others if I like my own stuff, so I refrain. If you’re unsure what role Virginia will play in your business, give her a call so she can show you how she could help your business grow.”

— Sara B., Owner of XOXOrganizing

“Virginia and her team are a pleasure to work with. They are hands on and perfectionists when it comes to creating custom invitations and other projects I’ve tasked them with. I know I am in expert hands with their creativity and imagination.”

— Erin H., Fullerton

“Virginia is the perfect combination of enthusiasm, creativity and common sense, which is she handles all web and newsletter design for Skipping Stones Nation. Whether she’s designing graphics or websites, drawing chalk art or creating social media campaigns, her market saavy will blow you away as much as her out of the box artistry.”

— Jamie W., Skipping Stones Nation

“What can I say about an Orange County crafting, Boss Lady graphic artist named Virginia Sandfer? She is the ultimate chick to work with when in need of all things printable. I say this not only because she has been my friend since I met her through back in 2010 but because the following words. She knows how to make my huge wacky ideas into something bigger yet presentable in the best way possible. To top it off she catches any inspiration that I would never think of to add to the finished product. She is the “it” girl in the graphic design industry who keeps up with the changes and moves steps ahead because she is naturally creative. B is Bridgie is 100% thankful and in love with The Head Stand’s art work for our album 500 Words.”

— Kim Caro, Lead Singer, B is Bridgie

“I look forward to the occasions when I get to work with Virginia. She is very personable, she listens well and she is incredibly talented and creative. She comes up with innovative and beautiful designs with very little guidance or supervision. Every time I have given her a project she has gone above and beyond my expectations and has always met my time table. I would highly recommend Virginia for all your graphic design needs.”

— Leah S., Fullerton Chamber of Commerce

“Virginia provides great results, very friendly and eager to do a great job and her creativity is fun. I enjoy working with her. Punctuality in the field of graphic design and attention to detail is important and this seems to be Virginia’s specialty!”

— Tanya Petrovna - Founder Native Foods, Vegan Cooking Entertainer and Educator